Racism is a problem for everyone

I read with interest Kevin Shird’s commentary (“The problem isn’t white nationals, it’s white moderates,” Sept. 15) about how only white moderates are the problem. Had I written the article, I would have called it, “White and black moderates are America’s problem.”

I propose that there are both black and white moderates who don’t want to rock the boat since they have achieved their desired status in American society. Most of his examples apply to both races. To espouse anything else is being hypocritical and laying blame where it is the easiest to do.

Mr. Shird seems to pass over entirely the rising Hispanic population and other nationalities who also face racism. Racism has no color and until people like Mr. Shird open their eyes and see the encompassing problem of racism in America, they can not even approach fixing the problem.

I will close in using one of his comments with a minor change: “The problem of race in America can’t be resolved without — all — Americans standing up, standing tall taking the lead.”

Stas Chrzanowski, Canton

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