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Racism isn't at the root of everything

Why is it that everything that goes wrong in Baltimore is because of racism? In the article on allocation of city construction dollars (“Racial disparities found in city’s construction dollars,” Dec. 13), the outcome on a “fresh analysis” of budgeted capital funds in Baltimore shows racial disparity between white and black neighborhoods and exemplifies “how Baltimore continues to be shaped by a long legacy of racial segregation.”

Who makes these decisions for the city? Who decided in the last five years to spend $15 million in neighborhoods where 75 percent of the population is white as opposed to $8 million where more then 75 percent of the people are minorities? The big question is why were those decisions made, and that should be the question that the Planning Department should be asking as opposed to falling back on racism.

Mayor Catherine Pugh stated that “the findings are significant and wants to see changes in how the city spends its money.” Well, she is the mayor. Let her make them. One fact that I found interesting is that the results of the findings had not been shared in city government. Why again? The report, with all facts considered over the five years to come to the conclusions, should be made public and the city government should make changes if need be.

Show the facts. Maybe the answer is poor city government planning as opposed to racism.

Stas Chrzanowski, Canton

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