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Putin tells Trump: 'Who, me?'

It is heartwarming to see how sincere President Donald Trump has been with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and how sincere Mr. Putin has been with Mr. Trump. Russia didn't really interfere in the U.S. elections after all (“Taking Putin’s word,” Nov. 13)!

Mr. Putin’s sincerity in reassuring our president is most honorable, as is Mr. Trump’s readiness to accept the Russian autocrat’s statements as the truth.

We in America are learning to recognize sincerity when we see it, too. For example, we know Mr. Trump was sincere when he said he'd release his tax returns after the 2016 election. We also know Mr. Trump was sincere when he promised billions in infrastructure, revival of the coal industry and tax reform that would truly favor the middle class.

The sincerity of Mr. Trump’s commitment to make our health care system much, much better than Obamacare is now apparent to everyone. Mr. Trump’s belief in the righteousness of some white Christian Americans to defend their Civil War heritage and attack minorities can only be sincere. And Mr. Trump’s sincerity in suggesting that Roy Moore step down if he did indeed molest young girls is truly admirable: Molesting women is so beneath a mature politician who might hold one of the highest, most honored positions in the country.

Our president’s commitment to the truth, and to speaking sincerely and frankly to the American people is what makes him so very popular.

Robert J. Bloch, Pikesville

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