What Morici misses about Trump and the GOP

Three things are striking about Peter Morici’s commentary (“How Republicans can survive Trump,” June 9).

First, he never mentioned Russia once throughout his piece as if that cloud suddenly disappeared.

The Russian meddling in our election and President Donald Trump’s at best indifference to it or at worst involvement in it will detrimentally affect the GOP more than the Republican’s sabotaging of Obamacare or the other issues he cited.

Second, his lecturing the Democratic minority leaders for not legitimizing the Trump presidency is laughable. Where has he been the previous eight years when Republican leaders not only delegitimized President Barack Obama in ways too numerous and too sickening to list here, they literally deprived him of his Constitutional right to nominate a Supreme Court justice.

Third, he mentioned Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and “sound ideas” in the same sentence.

Steve Charing, Clarksville

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