After Medicaid cuts, will Medicare and Social Security be next?

The GOP Senate health bill got its first official score on June 26 from the Congressional Budget Office. Approximately 22 million Americans are projected to lose health insurance by 2026 with passage of this bill (“Senate health care bill: What’s worse than ‘mean’?” June 27). The bill is a war on the poor, the disabled and vulnerable Americans who still need the government to help them survive.

If this draconian GOP Senate health bill is allowed to pass, our fellow Americans will die without the necessary health care they need. Plain and simple, they won’t be able to afford it. Massive Medicaid cuts are coming despite President Donald Trump’s promise to protect Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare. If Medicaid cuts are allowed, then who is to stop Medicare and Social Security cuts for the elderly?

We the people need to sound the alarm with our senators and let them know this is not acceptable.

Daniel P. Kane, Springfield, Va.

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