Kittleman ignores the will of the voters

Howard County executive Allen Kittleman has ignored the will of county voters by vetoing Council Bill 30, which 70,000 county voters approved last November, and the county council also approved June 5 by a 4-1 margin (“Government by the people,” June 7).

This is the bill that would get big special interest money out of local politics by creating a voluntary program for those running for county executive and council in 2022 that would limit contributions to no more than $250, matching gifts of up to $150 with taxpayer money.

We use tax revenue to benefit the public, and I can't see any better bargain than using a mere $600,000 a year to strengthen our democratic system of government. This benefits everyone!

That would mean more people could afford to run for public office and more could feel their small donations mattered, instead of being overwhelmed  by builders, developers, corporations, lawyers unions and PACs who may now give up to $6,000.

We're all sick of big money politics and this is the only way to change the game. But Mr. Kittleman and other elected Republicans oppose it, just as national Republicans oppose anything that would remove big special interest money from politics.  

The County Council will likely override the veto on July 3, so Mr. Kittleman's action appears purely political, to satisfy his most conservative supporters. Realizing it is the people's will, he could have let the bill become law without signing it, but he chose a veto instead. 

Very disappointing.

Larry Carson, Columbia

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