Kids and teachers can't be successful in hot classrooms

On Sept. 26 the Baltimore Sun reported that the temperature in Patterson High School exceeded 100 degrees for the second day in a row (“Baltimore classrooms top 100 degrees: 'It was impossible to learn'”). I am here to tell you that nothing has changed. Promises of a new building do little to bring relief. Absenteeism among teachers is at it's highest. Heat related illness and even hospitalization of two staff members has been accredited to the high temperatures. It's not safe.

We need air conditioners.

For the sake of the whole child, regardless of their age, bring us air conditioning. For the sake of educational opportunities for all, bring us air conditioning. Students just sat for the PSAT in these hot rooms. How do you suppose they'll do?

Margot Harris, Baltimore

The writer is a teacher at Patterson High School.

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