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America digs in on death, whether by gunfire or abortion

Accepting that most folks approach the topics of gun control and abortion with differing degrees of nuance, generally pro-choice advocates tend to favor higher levels of legally enforced gun control and, oppositely, pro-life supporters tend to oppose government infringement of gun ownership. For those sharing these opinions who engage in high political advocacy, the passions of righteous certainty and moral outrage at their opponents is equally fevered and uncompromising.

Approximately 86 Americans are killed by guns each day, whether by homicide or suicide, and nearly 2,000 fetuses are aborted each day in the U.S. Both political movements treat one of those statistics as a horrific affront to the civil order and pay tepid lip service to the other. Both sides are intent on turning the full policing authority of the government loose on the activity they oppose.

As the pendulum of political control swings back and forth, the rights of gun owners and abortion seekers will be tweaked at their edges, but the core issues are so firmly entrenched with their supporters and constitutionally guarded, no significant movement on the legal underpinning of either gun ownership or abortion availability is possible.

Jon Ketzner, Cumberland

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