Baltimore statue fervor another descent into anarchy

It both saddens and angers me to see the arbitrary erasure of history in our city and throughout the country. It reminds me of the destruction of the historical biblical sites and treasures throughout the Middle East by Muslim extremists. If history doesn’t agree with current radical views, then it must be destroyed. What is even worse about the removal of our “Confederate racist” statues is the defacing of those statues, which is criminal vandalism, not even mentioned as an egregious act by Mayor Catherine Pugh or our City Council. It is condoned, just as so many other criminal acts (i.e. looting, destruction of property) have been condoned by “protesters” over the past few years because the usual buzzwords (“white supremacy, racism, legacy of slavery”) somehow enable and excuse any destructive or criminal act as “justified.”

That, my fellow citizens, is anarchy. I would not be surprised to see, as the next logical step, a movement to remove the Washington Monument. After all, Washington was a slaveowner, and therefore a de facto proponent of slavery. So, regardless of his other positive contributions to our country, his inherent “racism” qualifies him as an “enemy of the state,” and his legacy and representation and recognition in our city must be removed. Some may not see it this way, but this is the beginning of an ethnic cleansing, a move toward white citizens having to answer the question “are you now, or have you ever been, a racist?” We are not moving toward unity and equality, but moving at light speed away from it to a segment of our society, emboldened by media support for their lack of any tolerance for opposing views, is now allowed to dictate what can, and cannot, be done. Martin Luther King and his collaborators and supporters in the 1960s achieved much, and they did it with dignity and non-violence. I have to think that he would be sadly disappointed with the hate mongering. anarchistic, and adversarial tactics we see today.

Jerry Cothran, Baltimore

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