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Politicians duped voters on Maryland casino revenues

According to the dictionary, a trust fund is "a fund consisting of assets belonging to a trust, held by the trustees for the beneficiaries.”

Yet it would appear the Maryland trust fund for education has a hole in the bottom, or no bottom at all, which leads to the ominous “general fund” (“McIntosh, Conway will push amendment putting Maryland casino revenue in 'lockbox' for education, Dec. 24). Those crafty politicians ensured that the wording of the the law dealing with casino revenue was not destined for increased per pupil funding, giving them the latitude to spend it as they so desired.

So, as the article asked, where do the gaming proceeds end up? Everywhere except for what they were meant for and for what people voted to do with them. We were duped by the politicians. And will the politicians give up that money? Well, let’s see. House Speaker Michael E. Busch said creating a real lockbox was “an idea which we should explore,” which in political jargon means not no but hell no. As he further states “you have to have money to fund the other programs”, which means “already spent.”

Then Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller states “we’re open to the issue and look forward to the discussion of it’s merits this session.” Which is political speak for a nice way to say again hell no. Even Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration stated they “will certainly give this all due consideration.” Guess what that means? All political hypocrisy.

The Education Trust Fund received $451 million during the budget year that ended June 30th. Where is the portion for education enhancement? I for one have donated at least $100 a month to the casino’s coffers. Every pull of the slots was for education. But what do I know, only what I voted for. I think I may just start mailing them a check every month and save the trouble of going there in th future.

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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