Democrats should declare victory

The Democratic Party is the second dumbest political organization in this country. The president has just signed an executive order regarding health care (“Trump to end ACA subsidies, signs order to expand insurance plans outside of Obamacare,” Oct. 12). The Democrats would have been wise to say “Obamacare is still intact. The mandate is still intact. There is no restriction on pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps are still intact. While we disagree most vigorously with what the president’s trying to do with this with executive order, we welcome a legislative process by regular order to offer these same suggestions to the Congress. We disagree with elements of this executive order such as the effect this order would have on raising the cost to taxpayers and those disagreements are best resolved by a legislative process. We invite Republicans to help us truly strengthen the existing health care system and submit it as suggested legislation.”

Declare victory.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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