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Democrats must run fair primary elections

Maybe former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would have won the nomination without bailing out the Democratic National Committee, but Latia Hopkins’ arrogant, belittling tone toward Democrats like myself, who have voted Democratic in every election since 1960, does nothing to assuage our suspicions that the DNC is happy to remain an autocratic, big money clearinghouse for perpetuating the status quo (“Dems: Stop the infighting,” Nov. 7).

The author should try to take Hillary out of the equation for a moment and remember that the DNC is supposed to encourage all Democratic candidates in a presidential primary, and most importantly, not rig the primary process toward a pre-ordained particular candidate. Let the process play out fairly. That is what Bernie-crats wanted and deserved. There's also much to discuss about the direction of the party.

Finally, the irony is that had the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz not already crowned Secretary Clinton, it is quite possible that Donald Trump would now be an aberrant footnote and Sen. Bernie Sanders would be president.

Anne T. Booher, Baltimore

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