David Simon: Teaching music, teaching love

David Simon’s passing is profoundly heartbreaking, firstly to his family and countless friends, but nearly so to the many students he guided during his years as the first director of the Baltimore School for the Arts (“David Simon, founding director of the Baltimore School for the Arts,” July 13). It was immediately apparent, even on first meeting “Mr. Simon,” that he loved all the arts and reveled in his vocation to share that devotion with generations of students.

If one of those arts had to be singled out as his dearest, however, I think it would have to be music. He excelled in that medium, surely as a most prolific and adaptable performer, but he seemed to be equally as enthused in his other career as teacher and mentor to the many young and aspiring musicians he encountered throughout the years. Not only did he model mastery of his musicianship, he taught his students how to be good and kind and fair to themselves and to others. He embodied the words of Frenchman Dominique Ricard who said, “It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn to love.”

Anne Huppmann Kidwell, Catonsville

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