Obama caused DACA mess, not Trump

According to Jack Kinstlinger (“Trump's DACA decision is destructive,” Sept. 7), President Donald Trump's decision to rescind DACA will be destructive to nearly 1 million immigrants. The one who made this destruction was President Barack Obama because in his own words he said he did not have the power to pass such a order and stated it many times and knew that it stood on shaky legal grounds. The left and President Obama did this for votes, no more no less, and with that executive order created havoc on our southern borders. Mr. Kinstlinger states that most are gainfully employed and in college. Well as I see it, that is 1 million jobs and college positions that legal citizens do not have. They are not legal citizens and have no rights under our Constitution. This country is always welcoming to people who do it right, and now there are some who want to reward people who break the law.

Martin Sadowski, Fallston

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