Hogan should join in climate struggle

Maryland Is an East Coast state, but that does not prevent us from taking cues from California or joining in the Climate Alliance with a dozen other states. President Donald Trump may be honoring his pledge to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and embrace a policy of isolation, but our citizens have always been progressive environmentalists. We need strong leadership from Gov. Larry Hogan who has already committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030 (“The heat is on,” June 12).

No one understood why Governor Hogan vetoed the Clean Energy Jobs Act, providing a pathway for reducing dangerous emissions by committing to a goal of 25 percent clean energy by 2020. This year, our state legislators overrode his veto. The governor must understand that solar and wind energy provide many well-paying jobs, boosting our economy. When Mr. Hogan vetoed the bill, he slowed our progress on renewable energy and may have compromised the incentives. He needs to take decisive action and join our neighbor, Virginia, in the Climate Alliance, committing our state to the goals of the Paris agreement.

Maryland does not have to rely on the federal government to act. A clean energy future can be achieved through state legislation. There is overwhelming support among constituents. Governor Hogan is already embracing the electric car industry, charging stations and offshore wind. He claims to disagree with President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord. His future depends on his ability to provide strong leadership for Maryland, independent of the regressive Trump administration.

Gail Landy, Gaithersburg

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