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As times change, churches must too

Discussing religion and how any of us embrace it is never easy. I am from an era where attending religious services was part of the fabric of family life. But, as with everything in life, times change. As a result, houses of worship have witnessed a major decline in attendance (“Churches merge, close: 'We no longer live in Christendom. We really have to accept that it's a thing of the past,’” Oct. 10). These beautiful structures dedicated to bringing God's message of hope, love and faith into our lives cannot continue to be maintained by an aging population.

I applaud the efforts of all religions in recognizing the need to consolidate. No matter where we worship the message will remain the same.

Consolidation may provide our faith leaders more time to develop programs in their attempt to bring more people back to sharing the word of God and the unparalleled work that is done in providing so many services in the communities.

During a conversation with a grandmother after a church service she told me how saddened she was that none of her grandchildren attend religious services. She said she asked them if they always had time to see their friends. Their response was a resounding yes. Her message to them was, you will never have a better friend than God.

Let us continue to hope that most people do believe in the gifts God has bestowed on us and that consolidation may help in bringing them back to share their faith together.

Mary Ellen Stepowany, Baltimore

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