Catholicism in crisis

Your front-page photo of the Catholic bishops meeting in Baltimore and the obfuscating story about their concern about illegal immigrants should prompt some soul-searching among the faithful (“Immigration leads agenda as U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops turns 100,” Nov. 12).

First, the bishops’ concern about illegal immigrants is purely dollar-driven at a time when many Catholic citizens are leaving the church. Without immigrants the pews would be empty, a religion-ending crisis for Catholicism.

Here’s what the bishops need to address ASAP before their religion implodes:

  • The inadequate response to the inappropriate conduct of many priests, the emotional stress on the victims, the resultant $1 billion in lawsuits and bankrupt dioceses.
  • The lack of talent in the priesthood, the lack of Vatican response to the historic Jesus movement, the Church's continuing to cling to original sin and the resulting subsets of crazy ideas like baptism and limbo.
  • The denial of priesthood to women, the restriction of priesthood to single men (unless they are former Episcopalian priests), the continued chain of Vatican "leadership" by old white men and natural “birth control” leading to many unplanned pregnancies and resultant abortions.
  • Uncontrolled suffering of the elderly and infirm that need not be and unrealistic dogmas such as the Immaculate Conception, Assumption, atonement and papal infallibility.

B. H. Meyer, Elkridge

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