OC topless ban: What would Zappa think?

Your editorial concerning the issue of women going topless in Ocean City (“OC officials: The boobies are coming!” June 13) brought to mind the comments of a Baltimore born song writer and performer, Frank Zappa. He came to Annapolis and testified before a state Senate committee against legislation then pending, which tried to ban so-called obscene song lyrics. In his testimony to the committee, which was reported by your newspaper in a column on May 11, 2008 by Laura Vozzella, Zappa stated as follows:

"I like nipples. I think they look good. If you are going to look at a woman's breast, if you take the nipple off, which is the characterizing, determining factor, what you've got is a blob of fat there. And I think that when you're a baby, one of the first things you get interested in is that nozzle right there, and you get to have it right in front of your face. You grow up with it, so to speak. And then you grow up in the state of Maryland and they won't let you see that little brown thing anymore."

I know Frank Zappa thought there was a difference between the male and female breast, and his comments should be remembered in light of your editorial and the public debate that is going on.

Bruce C. Bereano, Annapolis

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