Leave Boston Street Alone

Having been born and raised on the 2400 block of Boston St. when trains daily ran down the street and Gibbs packing house was across the street and Aliceanna St. was called Alizanne, I have to wonder about the sense of widening it again (“Baltimore council members object to plan to turn Boston Street into 'superhighway,'” Sept. 8). Have the mayor and the planners taken a good at where Boston Street feeds into two streets, Alizanne, pardon me, Aliceanna, and Fleet, which go through neighborhoods in East Baltimore? Why not pick a street that runs from 95 directly into the heart of the city like LaFayette, or would that make too much sense? Have they ever driven east on Boston Street in the morning during the week when cars are backed up at lights on O’Donnell, Fleet Street and Alizanne, there I go again, Aliceanna? It is like trying to cram 10 pounds of stuff into a five pound bag. When will Canton and Fells Point be relieved of bearing the need to get people to work in the morning?

Stas Chrzanowski, Canton

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