Beer sales in groceries has serious downside

Should beer be sold in groceries? Yes, says Wally Knapp of Ellicott City (“Yes, Maryland grocery stores should sell beer,” Sept. 11) based on projected tax revenue and “because many folks these days simply don’t have the time or inclination to make a second trip to a liquor store after already making a grocery trip.”

Pretty flimsy arguments in my opinion. You’d stop for gas if you needed it, you’d stop for a haircut if you needed it, etc. What’s the big deal about stopping for your beer?

Also, beer in grocery stores has many negative effects. Among them: It may drain the food budget dollars of those less fortunate than Mr. Knapp seems to be. It may train children to think beer is just another food, not an intoxicant for people over age 21 to use wisely. It may tempt minors (as well as adults) when they didn’t plan to buy, and encourage drinking, binge drinking and law-breaking.

No, we should definitely not “change this antiquated policy.”

Judy Chernak, Pikesville

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