Archdiocese must release records related to nun's death

It is standard operating procedure on the part of the Baltimore archdiocese to stonewall a petition requesting records on A. Joseph Maskell (“Baltimore archdiocese responds to petition calling for release of ‘Keepers’ priest Maskell’s files,” Sept. 16). “The Keepers” Netflix documentary is very compelling and demonstrates how the Baltimore archdiocese did not seek justice for the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a teaching nun who was about to expose Father Maskell.

Mr. Maskell’s victims are also victimized again by the statute of limitations law in Maryland that prevents their lawsuits from going forward. One would think that, at the very least, they would pursue Sister Cathy’s murderer and expose all information they have on Mr. Maskell who definitely had motive.

The archdiocese continues to protect the hierarchy over the victims and Sister Cathy — not a very laudable position.

Pat Ranney, Millersville

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