Don't give up on bike lanes

I have regularly commuted by bicycle and/or bus for over six years — ever since my kids could get to school on their own. Occasionally, I need to drive or I rent a Zipcar. It may not be for everyone, but it works for me. The expansion of bicycle lanes has been encouraging and more are needed. I was curious to learn about the fuss over the cycle track between Patterson Park and the Canton waterfront (“Bike routes aren’t paths to harmony,” June 18). First, I drove down Potomac Street and then, a week later, I took the cycle track. I am happy that a judge stayed the rash action of Mayor Catherine Pugh and Jim Smith. There is simply no need to tear the track out, and possibly cooler heads can come up with a better solution to all concerns.

My impression is that the driving lane is no narrower than the one-way street I live on in southwest Baltimore that has no cycle lane. I do not like riding on my street, which is sometimes used as an all-too-quick short cut, and I take care of car mirrors when I drive. I am not sure which adjective best describes the fire truck argument: fishy, bogus, or disingenuous. That is a problem on my street, which rarely even sees a snowplow, let alone a fire truck.

We know all too well the fatal consequences of an unprotected bike lane on Roland Avenue. There, I think traffic lights and/or calming speed bumps would help. Can we really attribute the damage to cars to the bike track? Please see the adjectives above.

Paul Converse, Baltimore

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