What kind of experience should a VP have?

Commentator David Wise's approach to rating qualifications for the vice president and president does not pass the smell test ("What's needed in a No. 2," July 16). Everyone knows that governors have more executive experience than U.S. senators, yet Mr. Wise rates experience as a governor low and senatorial experience high.

Letter writer Steve Tulloss suggests that Mr. Wise would have rated President Obama's experience before being elected in the low 60s ("Obama of 2008 more qualified than Romney," July 19). What is this based on? His one term as a senator? His terms in the state legislature? What foreign policy or executive experience did he have?

Mr. Wise rated Gov. Sarah Palin in the 20s — and she was both a governor and a mayor. Mr. Wise even rated Vice President Dick Cheney lower than Vice President Biden. This alone demonstrates a flawed approach.

Mr. Biden's only experience was as a senator. He had no executive experience, and his only foreign policy experience came from sitting on a Senate committee.

Mr. Cheney was a congressman, a secretary of defense and a presidential chief of staff. That provided him with plenty of both executive and foreign policy experience.

I am disappointed that The Sun even printed such a flawed article that panders to the left.

Allan Kaufman, Owings Mills

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