Mitt Romney must be talking about some of his friends (or himself) when he says they pay no taxes, such as:

•Those who expect to pay as little in taxes as possible — i.e., corporations like General Electric;

•Those who expect tax exemptions, special roadway improvements and traffic signals from a cash-strapped city, like corporations threatening to go elsewhere if they don't get all these special deals;

•Those who get major tax credits in lieu of tax increases — I'm not talking child care credits here;

•Those who pay a 13 percent tax on millions of dollars in capital gains income while some low-paid, single parent with three kids may not pay income taxes but does pay payroll taxes, which are a significantly larger proportion of his or her wages;

•And let us not forget about those with secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, in Swiss banks and in others we don't even know about. No income taxes there I bet.

Talk about handouts. Please

M. Elaine Parker, Baltimore