Rockin' with Mitt: A song to lift the spirits of the wealthiest 1 percent

The GOP presidential front-runner recently declared he does not care about poor people. Not much news there. But perhaps Mitt Romney, instead of mangling "America the Beautiful," might be interested in performing the following song, sung to the tune of the 1980's hit "The Safety Dance":

You can fall into poverty if you want to

I really will not care

Lose your home and your job, too

Eh, sometimes life just isn't fair.

"I don't care about poor people"

That was my latest gaffe.

Every time I open my mouth

It seems everybody does laugh

At me!

Corporations are people, too

And I like to fire them, you know

I have more hair than Obama

I wanted to bet Rick Perry 10 grand, but he said no!

But don't worry if you're poor and you fall

Because you have a safety net

I'll promise it will be strong, so your vote I will get

Oh yeah, you can bet

On your safety net!

Vin Morabito, Scranton, Pa.

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