Romney shows that experience counts

Mitt Romney is a self-made man. I know many who started up their own small businesses and they are the exception to most of us. To take financial risk, hire, manage, budget, purchase, advertise and fire, that takes an individual of tremendous intelligence, education, and ambition. Mr. Romney not only started and ran major corporations successfully, he also managed a state as a governor. President Barack Obama, a small-time lawyer, and then a legislator became a U.S. Senator only shortly before running for president. Mr. Obama never ran a business or managed a budget, let alone managed a state. Mr. Obama does have four years running the country as U.S. President, yet he manages without budgeting (only spending). He has used taxpayer funds to invest in failed business, can't work with Congress and overrides congressional laws and regulations. If Mr. Obama was the CEO of a company, he would have been fired by a board of directors in his first year.

The recent debate provided a clear contrast ("Battle is joined over jobs, taxes," Oct. 4). Mr. Obama attempted to memorize key taking points like statistics, budgetary plans, counter arguments, but failed when confronted with experience. Any argument that seemed off-cue or off known facts, and Mr. Obama was lost, and it showed. His only chance to counter Mr. Romney was to stay away from details and attempt to disparage the opponent by character attacks.

Mr. Obama had no experience to manage anything four years ago when he debated with Sen. John McCain, yet he had a vision, a dream that had no vetting. Well, President Obama should realize the dream is gone, and all he has is a failed record. He should have stuck with his campaign strategy of distraction, a strategy he will use in the next debate.

Mike Callahan

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