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Right-to-die is next civil rights frontier

Not just Maryland, but every single state needs and deserves the Aid in Dying option ("Right-to-die legislation needed in Maryland," July 1). It seems ludicrous to me that only Oregon, Washington, Montana and now Vermont have this civil right.

Where is the ACLU when you need them? This right should be provided not just for the terminally ill, but for anyone who wants out. Have you not known someone who blew their brains out or hung themselves from a rafter? The will to live is extremely strong, as it should be, so when someone of right mind wishes to die, he should be able to obtain that help. If I ever were to run for a political office, this right would be at the top of my platform.

The slippery slope is the fear that someone could make that decision for someone else. That is why a person should have all his health care directives written out in advance.

S. Dietrich Rose

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