Election is not 'rigged'

Will everyone's vote be counted? Here's what voters should know.

"I hope you people can sort of not just vote on the 8th — go around and look and watch other polling places and make sure that it's 100 percent fine," declared Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania last week ("Inside Donald Trump's echo chamber of conspiracies, grievances and vitriol," Oct. 16).

His supporters nationwide can fill out a form on the campaign's website to receive more information about becoming a volunteer Trump Election Observer.

In Maryland, it is a crime if a person willfully and knowingly votes or attempts to vote more than once in the same election. It is also a crime if a person willfully and knowingly influences or attempts to influence a voter's decision whether to cast a vote through the use of force, fraud, threat, menace, intimidation, reward or offer of reward.

An individual whose right to vote is challenged at the polls may establish his or her identity by presenting any of the following forms of identification: the individual's voter registration or Social Security card; the individual's valid Maryland driver's license; any identification card issued to the individual by the local, state, or federal government; any employee identification card that contains a photograph of the individual; or a copy of a current bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document that shows the individual's name and current address.

Our elections are not rigged. They will stay that way if our right to vote is upheld.

Samuel I. "Sandy" Rosenberg, Baltimore

The writer, a Democrat, represents District 41 in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Upcoming election will not be 'rigged' but voters should know their rights and not be intimidated.

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