Alleged assault is nothing to smile about [Letter]

On the May 2 edition of The Sun above the fold is a picture of Ray Rice and his wife ("Rice pleads not guilty to N.J. assault charges"). He's got a big smile; she does not. He's entering a plea that could allow him to avoid jail time and let the case fade away.

Something else happened which the Sun staff did not acknowledge on May 2, except for an editorial on page 18 ("Keeping students safe") that urged colleges and policymakers to do more to stop sexual assault on campus. A federal Title IX investigation has cited 55 colleges for mishandling sexual attacks, resulting in protests on many campuses. I know of this because my daughter is on one of those campuses and it was also covered in the evening news.

Another difference: The evening news did not present such a positive picture of Mr. Rice's circumstances.

Your choices in that Friday morning paper are part of the problem. Had you presented the campus protests with a picture of men and women in solidarity crying out against this injustice (instead of a possible crab shortage) next to that picture and story of the Rices, you could have told the whole, real story.

Mary Ann McAllister

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