Who needs those lazy retirees? [Letter]

In response to the letter writer who was leaving Maryland as soon as he retires with all those other retirees who are "leaving Maryland in droves," I can only say good riddance and don't let the door hit you on the way out ("Retirees are leaving Maryland in droves and I'm next," Aug. 15). We all know that retired people are takers, not makers. They're all suckling at the government teat and whining about "taxes" while waiting for their next handout. Who needs 'em? I say let's encourage more of these lazy welfare addicts to take their mooching to some other state and encourage more young, industrious Central Americans to make Maryland their home. They work hard, pay taxes, and most importantly, they aren't whining all the time.

So there is a good conservative argument for welcoming these refugee children to Maryland. Too bad most conservatives don't appreciate it.

William Smith, Baltimore

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