Presidential politics and abortion

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Susan Reimer's column abut the Republican platform on abortion again shows her expertise in setting up a straw man and then knocking him down ("Presidential election or abortion referendum?" Aug. 27).

The Republican platform comprises about 45 pages and sets forth the Republican Party's proposals for every major issue that confronts America both domestically and internationally. Sanctity of life is only one of its more than 100 proposals.

Yet in Ms. Reimer's biased and myopic view, the Republican platform concerns only abortion and does not deal with other important election issues.

Ms. Reimer ignores the fact that Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and just about every other responsible Republican have rejected Rep. Todd Akin's unfortunate remarks — and that it is the Democratic Party's election machine that relentlessly, irresponsibly and falsely keeps the issue alive by associating Mr. Akin's words with the Republican Party.

If the election is to become a referendum on abortion, as Mrs. Reimer mistakenly alleges, it will be the Democrats who made it so.

Evan Alevizatos Chriss, Baltimore

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