Plight of children should not mask illegal immigration threat [Letter]

Whether the migrant unaccompanied children surging over our southern border are refugees, illegal migrants or whatever, they need to be cared for in a humane manner. However, this situation coupled with the push to legalize millions of folks illegally residing in America is the "perfect storm."

Many who have followed the illegal immigration problem for years have warned that the system was broken. We expressed concern that if the laws continued to be violated, serious problems would take place.

Over the years, the United States has welcomed immigrants, refugees and those seeking asylum with generosity and compassion. Furthermore, the U.S. State Department offers hundreds of thousands of visas so foreigners can come here to work and study. The American people are mostly understanding and welcoming. But there comes a time when we feel taken advantage of. And that time is now.

What is happening at the border is dangerous and should have been anticipated. The U.S. has intelligence officers in Central America and Mexico, but they must have been asleep at the switch. When I see pictures of Mexican freight trains loaded with migrants heading our way, I'm alarmed. Not just alarmed, I'm furious. And so are others.

Any country that can't control its borders or its population is in trouble, big time! Of course, this border crisis is "beginning to drain agency budgets." Well, what did they expect? As a taxpayer, I'm outraged so much funding will be required to care for thousands who have deliberately and knowingly broken our laws. If there were wars raging in Central America or some horrific natural disaster, it would be different. But all we're told is that these "unaccompanied children" are fleeing gang violence. That just doesn't wash — there has always been crime and gang violence in Central America, so something else is driving this.

Today's surge at the border coupled with a possibility of executive orders to legalize millions is just too coincidental. Something's wrong with this picture. Sadly, the American people will be paying for years of neglecting immigration laws. And this will cost us mightily in the years to come!

Rosalind Ellis, Baltimore

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