Gerrymandering is bad — unless it happens to work out

While I normally would be against the obscene redistricting that is being done for political purposes, resulting in voters being forced into voting for candidates who are not known to them and not in sync with the voters' desires, I still welcome the recent gerrymandering of Maryland's Congressional District 3. Several years ago, my immediate neighborhood was gerrymandered into a district that while adjacent (from District 8 to District 4) did not reflect the views of our area. I was outraged to have to contend with a representative that not only did not represent my needs but also those of most of my neighbors.

The travesty had but one remedy, redistricting either back to District 8 or to a newly gerrymandered district. Fortunately, my new representative shares my views on many subjects and is of the same political party, but vastly different in attitude from the one in District 4.

Gerrymandering is a disgrace to our democratic principles, but it is best to accept the inevitable, at least in my case.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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