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Ray Rice's punishment wasn't so light [Letter]

Ray RiceNFLBaltimore RavensRoger Goodell

What Ravens running back Ray Rice did cannot be defended in any way, and our system used the laws that are in place to do what was necessary. Additionally, Mr. Rice's employer, the NFL, took steps to discipline him. Both these facts still left some complaining that the NFL did not do enough ("Roger Goodell defends two-game suspension of Ravens' Ray Rice," Aug. 1). Several things need to be remembered here. It may appear to be a simple two-week suspension, but in actuality it was a fine of over $500,000. Now, how many of those complaining would be willing to have their employer impose a fine on them for something that made the news? Simply because the man is a public figure does not mean that he has to be treated differently than anyone else.

We as parents and as a society need to ensure that our children understand that Mr. Rice's actions were wrong and cannot be accepted, or is this another responsibility we wish to blame someone else (the NFL) for?

Bob Eberwein, Middle River

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Ray RiceNFLBaltimore RavensRoger Goodell
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