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It takes a whole team to lose a football game, but the Ravens still did us proud

Right around now, the know-it-alls and armchair quarterbacks are busy whining that Billy Cundiff lost the AFC title game with his final missed field goal, or at the very least lost the chance to tie the game and possibly win. ("Left out," Jan. 23). This is nonsense.

The whole team lost. Literally. Every pass under- or overthrown, every fumble, interception, sack and, yes, missed field goal contributed to the loss. And if the other team was scoring it was because they were allowed to move down the field into field goal or touchdown position.

So contemplate this: Both teams did plenty right and plenty wrong to end up with the final score. The Patriots hardly had a perfect game either.

We made them work hard for a mere three-point win. No one expected the Patriots to even break a sweat, yet we kept them running until the end. Billy and the whole team did us proud.

Michelle Alston, Baltimore

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