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Lack of respect from Ravens ownership leads to empty seats

Recently Ravens President Dick Cass mailed a letter to personal seat license owners and asked for their continued support. He also mentioned the significant numbers of no-shows this year. He said that there are a number of reasons, but surely the "one-time” protest in London has been a factor.

Actually Mr. Cass, there were two this season. First the kneeling during the national anthem in London, which the owner fully supported. Second, the following week in Baltimore when the Steelers came to M&T Stadium. I remember saying to the man next to me, "there sure is a lot of empty seats in here" just before the kick-off. Then with players on the field, the PA announcer said that the team was in prayer, players joined hands, walked about 15 yards and took a knee again.

Stunning.The Steelers came to play football. For the second straight week, the Ravens came to demonstrate.

After the loss a Ravens player was asked about his reaction to the loud chorus of boos from the fans when they took a knee. His response was, “Am I supposed to care?”

Mr.Cass, this may be lost on you and owner Steve Bisciotti, but believe it or not there is a price you pay for fanatical fan support. Fans and players from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s made this game what it was. Now owners have forgotten the players of long ago who played the game for what it "was" and also the fans who have been replaced with corporate sky-boxes, corporate sponsors and large television contracts. By the way, that price you pay for that fan support is called "respect."

So here we are. Raven players who have publicly stated that they could care less about what the fans think about kneeling, Dick Cass asks the PSL owners to show up, cheer for the players who have stated that they could care less about what the fans think. Where was the owner when we needed him to show up for us?

Jerry Piper, Perry Hall

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