Flacco doesn't need a kick in the pants, he needs a block [Letter]

Regarding Mike Preston's column on Joe Flacco and the Wildcat offense ("Wildcat might give Ravens QB Joe Flacco the kick he needs," Nov. 24), I believe he is looking at this whole Wildcat ordeal the wrong way.

Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense has undergone major overhaul this season with the loss of Anquan Boldin, the injuries to tight end Dennis Pitta and guard Kelechi Osemele. Without Messrs. Pitta and Boldin, a significant amount of the Ravens targets from their Super Bowl run are gone and with that comes change which warrants an adjustment period.

I believe what Mr. Flacco is really saying is that their offense cannot accomplish menial tasks such as block the guy in front of them so why are they going to install a different and complex package?

Yes, the Ravens quarterback signed a major deal and yes, he has not played up to expectations — yet. The last thing he needs is a kick in the rear end. What he really needs is time to throw in the pocket and a running game. Both of these things will come with time.

I am not saying Joe Flacco is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but he does own one of the best postseason performances in NFL history, and people need to realize that the position of quarterback is a dependent position. The Super Bowl MVP knows what needs to be done and will be the first person to correct his mistakes. He does not need a kick from a Wildcat package.

Mat McGowan, Finksburg

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