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Ravens fired the wrong coach

Did the Ravens fire the wrong coach ("Ravens can Cameron," Dec. 11)? What was worse this year so far — the offense or the defense? I think that John Harbaugh made the wrong decision.

Joe Flacco has turned the ball over twice in the last two games. If we had had just one of these back from each of these games, we would have won easily. Cam Cameron does not execute plays, and the blame here has to be on the quarterback. However, the defensive team has played poor all year and has trouble getting to the opposing quarterback without a decent blitz to keep the other team honest.

What do you think the Manning brothers will do to our defense in the next two games? Both quarterbacks have a quick release, and the Raven defense has a slow rush. Look out for a 9-7 finish with the Ravens losing three more games. Yes, I think that we fired the wrong coach. If this proves true, we might have to look Coach Harbaugh to go as well.

Raymond D. Bahr, Baltimore

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