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Rand Paul's rubber-stamp reply to criticism bodes ill for his presidential aspirations [Letter]

I recently emailed Sen. Rand Paul to voice my opposition to his castigation of the U.S. intelligence community, and the National Security Agency in particular. I think his criticism of the agency could have a deleterious effect on the tens of thousands of dedicated patriots who work so very hard every day to protect the U.S. and defend its principles.

I also stated that he likely would not get my vote, and I was eager to see whether he or his staff would even respond. Well, within a few days I received a response — not a specific response to my email, but an electronic copy of his newsletter.

If this is the senator's and his staff's standard rubber-stamp response to a citizen's communication, critical though it was, I wonder how it would translate into the management of his administration should he one day reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

James Huminski, Hanover

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