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Sun's racial hypocrisy is showing again

The recent editorial "Baltimore and bigotry" *May 18) regarding Del. Pat McDonough was by far the most hypocritical thing I have ever encountered in The Sun.

When it's black youth in a mob scene in downtown Baltimore, "race isn't pertinent." But when its a "white" George Zimmerman committing an alleged murder of a black teen or a team of white Duke University lacrosse players allegedly raping a black stripper (which turned out as a false report), it is always a race issue.

So when a Republican delegate takes a stand against a black mob, it's racist, but when Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come sliding down their rainbow coalition any time a white guy even sneezes on a black guy, its completely OK.

Maybe if you jokers at The Sun could report on an issue without tremendous liberal bias or pandering to one side, you might get some more readers.


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