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Pimlico doesn't deserve Preakness

I'm going to try this one more time, as it is obvious that The Sun's editorial board is in denial and does not even read its own articles. During an interview I watched on TV, Tim Ritvo of the Stronach Group stated a concern over the safety at Pimlico after a guard got shot and a few years back a trainer was robbed and murdered in his barn. No mention was made of that in any of The Sun's articles. 

In the same edition as an editorial calling for the Preakness to remain at Pimlico ( "Preakness at Laurel? The New Coke of horse racing," May 17), there is a page 3 article with a bold headline, "Man shot near Pimlico." The most disturbing article of all is the recent one concerning the aftermath of the rioter who destroyed a police car ("Remember Allen Bullock, the face of rioting in Baltimore? Here's what happened to him," March 29). As long as Judge Charles Peters (and I'm assuming he speaks for all Baltimore judges since he used the word, "we") has the attitude, "We give ourselves credit for not filling up the jails and prisons all over again," Baltimore will never be safe again.

Until authorities are able to re-establish the rule of law, Baltimore does not deserve to be host to the Preakness, the Army-Navy game, or a presidential convention. It is no longer a secret that gun-bearing hardened criminals are running amok on the streets of Baltimore.

Steven Davidson, New Windsor

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