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Fix the Triple Crown's 'cheating' problem [Letter]

I do not follow horse racing all year but found myself intrigued by the Preakness and followed it to see if the Kentucky Derby winner prevailed. Once that happened, there was an excitement about the Belmont Stakes and a possible Triple Crown winner! It felt like having a Triple Crown winner would be a small, positive thing for the United States to be momentarily excited about. So when I saw California Chrome lose to "fresh" horses that did not run the previous two races, I had to agree with owner Steve Coburn that this was very unfair and that the owners were "cheaters" ("California Chrome co-owner Steve Coburn apologizes for critical comments," June 9).

I don't think he had any reason to apologize. He said what he said at the end of the race — a time when people needed to hear it. The rules should change! You either run all three races or you don't run at all. Or, at the very least, there is more rest time between each race. In the scheme of things, it is a small problem, but why not bring some fairness to one thing in the U.S. that appears could be easily fixed.

Betsy Schindler, Baltimore

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