Baltimore racing pulling a fast one on city

Whoever in Baltimore thinks the "Baltimore Racing Development" was cobbled together to benefit our beleaguered and bankrupt city is a fool. From the start, it's been obvious that BRD has been about conning the citizens and powers-that-be out of what little funds Baltimore has.

Now, three months after the Labor Day non-event, the inevitable has happened as predicted by other less sanguine Baltimoreans: Baltimore Racing Development cannot pay at least $1.6 million to the city and vendors as promised, and the trees that it cheerfully uprooted in August will not be replaced ("Grand Prix group misses tree-planting deadline," Nov. 11). No, that is left to those of us who actually pay taxes in this town, which, as Beth Strommen so artfully puts it, is "kind of a bummer."

Maybe now somebody would care to look more closely into this whole smelly deal and reveal it for what it was — a giant con job.

Anne Booher, Baltimore

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