A few questions for Bob Ehrlich

In response to Robert Ehrlich's last column ("Wondering aloud: thoughts on religion and politics, energy and athletics," March 4), Mr. Ehrlich I'm paying attention and I too wonder:

Why would the saber rattling in the Middle East make the Keystone Pipeline look any better? Tar sand oil from Canada was destined for China and would not help the U.S. with lower gas prices.

I'm wondering why politicians won't learn from history. We continue to fight over oil, it pollutes the air and water, causes people who live near refineries illness, it's price volatility makes us irritable, we subsidize oil companies (like they need our help), and we remain addicted to it. You may recall a bill Congress voted down May 16, 2011, that would have ended subsidies to oil companies.

Since the Arab embargo in the mid 1970s the U.S. could not find a viable alternative to oil? Here we are, 35 years later, still dealing with high oil prices and worrying about what will happen with Iran. I guess it's easier to take oil lobby money and just kick that can further down the road.

Instead of drill here drill now (drill here, spill now), instead of implying that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve is insignificant, tell us how to leave oil behind and use today's technology to make the U.S. energy independent with cleaner energy such as fuel cells, solar, wind and natural gas. Instead of clinging to old dirty fossil fuel ways, move us forward!

Clean air and water should not be a partisan issue.

Kevin Estis, Baltimore

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