Question 7: Keep Maryland money in Maryland

If Question 7 is approved, MGM Grand will build a Las Vegas style casino at the National Harbor. This property will not only have a casino, but it will also be a destination for entertainment and gourmet food. The construction of the complex will provide many needed construction jobs in Maryland and the casino, restaurants, hotel, and theaters will bring countless jobs to the area for years.

Penn National Gaming, Inc. has spent tens of millions to influence the voters to vote no for Question 7. There have been countless advertisements on television. They have a Facebook page and a website to convince the Maryland voters how horrible this casino would be for Maryland. Their argument against the casino includes there is no guarantee that the money promised for school funding would increase, and that there is no guarantee Maryland residents would get the jobs at the casino, either for the construction, or the operations.

The fact is Penn National, Inc., are the owners of many casinos and racetracks, including the Hollywood Casino in Perryvile, the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races, W. Va., Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course, Pa., and Rosecroft Raceway in Maryland.

Penn National is single-handedly funding this fight, not because they care about Maryland — the money won't go to Maryland schools, and Prince Georges businesses and workers won't be employed to build the casino — no, the reason is they just do not want the competition. They have spent millions of dollars so far to get you to vote no, so they can protect their potential profits. Let's keep our money here, in Maryland, and stop giving it to Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Vote yes on Question 7.

Susan Beckwell, Bowie

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