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The relevance of Tim Tebow

My husband gave me an "I Love Tebow" tee-shirt for Christmas, so I read The Sun's recent editorial ("Tebow wars: Give it a rest," Jan. 10) with particular interest. And I agree with you wholeheartedly. If you read Mr. Tebow's 2011 autobiography, you will find that he is truly who he appears to be, a deeply Christian young man who tries each day to live his life in Jesus' footsteps. Having said that, I would like to add my thoughts about Mr. Tebow's relevance in our lives.

We seem to be in a world that often devalues the "goodness of life" and respect for humanity. Our professional sports seem to have become more about salaries, hold-outs and "thuggery" than about healthy competition, and even our high schools are reportedly more interested in passing assessment tests than educating students. Given all of this, it seems to me that Mr. Tebow offers a refreshing option for us all — a reminder of the importance of courage, integrity and appreciation for our blessings in life.

I have been a high school teacher for 30 years, and yesterday in class, as I was discussing "Tebowing" with my 9th grade students, a young man said that he really likes the Broncos quarterback. I was curious, and when I asked my student to explain his reasons, he said "because Tim Tebow may not be the greatest quarterback yet, but he has honor and class." I was really encouraged by the insight of this 14-year-old high school student.

And I thought to myself, now, that is relevance.

Susan C. Euker, Bel Air

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