Obama better than qualified

In response to the letter from Gail Householder ("Obama fails VP test," July 18), it is surprising that anyone is still questioning President Barack Obama's experience and qualifications as the chief executive of the United States. Enough! It is an antiquated argument and it is insulting to recite his resume prior to becoming president and pretend that it is not impressive.

Since coming to office, he has enhanced his qualifications even further. He passed necessary health care reform which makes it impossible for pre-existing conditions to bankrupt people who should be able to concentrate on healing rather than hoping their insurance company will cover their condition and not impose unfair lifetime limits on benefits. With his authorization of Operation Neptune Spear, a terrorist who evaded prosecution for more than 15 years was killed. He pushed for the military to repeal a policy which discharged honorable service members for disclosing their sexual orientation. He began tackling a failing war on drugs by asking Congress to reexamine and change the disparity in sentencing crack and cocaine offenses, a policy that has overwhelming affected lower class citizens. He signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act which eliminated mystery fee and rate increases, in turn, strengthening consumer protection. According to BBC World Service polling, since President Obama took office, global views of the United States has become more positive. Ending a 7-year war, the commander-in-chief pulled forces out of Iraq. He also announced a drawdown strategy for Afghanistan which will end the combat mission by 2014.

Those achievements can be added to the myriad of other successes Mr. Obama has pushed through despite the country's divisive attitude bordering on Civil War proportions. Who else has accomplished what our current president has achieved? Who else has President Obama's experience? His opponents can argue other points, perhaps even policy issues for a change, but to protest that he lacks experience and qualifications deserves ridicule at best.

Syreeta Gross, Aberdeen

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