Support for refugee children ignored [Letter]

How is it that within the past week Ray Rice has managed to be featured in two front page articles in The Sun while a gathering of 300 clergy and laity in McKeldin Square failed to capture even a paragraph inside the newspaper?

The purpose of the prayer service was to call attention to the fact that there are many people of faith who are deeply concerned about the child refugee crisis we are experiencing, not only on our southern borders but here in Baltimore as well. We are not the constituency greeting buses filled with these children, screaming for them to return where they came from. We are committed to acting on behalf of these children through advocacy, providing services, becoming foster parents, accompanying our brothers and sisters in Central America through partnerships with churches and parishes there.

As a member of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church, I have been privileged to travel to La Chacra, San Salvador three times in the past four years to stand in solidarity with our friends at the Catholic Parish, Maria Madre de los Pobres. We have been sending delegations to this community in El Salvador for over 25 years. Our roots grow deeply in that place. We can personally bear witness to the ravages of gang violence that have swept through this community and the terror under which they live today. Why wouldn't a parent try to find a way to save his or her child from this scourge?

And so we welcome these children here. We want them treated with loving kindness and compassion. We will do what is necessary to assist them in reuniting with their families and in adjusting to life in this country where the have the opportunity to live in peace.

Aren't these commitments and actions newsworthy?

Dr. Barbara G. Cook, Cockeysville

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