Sun clueless on ground rent

The Sun's recent editorial regarding ground rents ("Fixing ground rent," Oct. 27) objects to the Maryland Court of Appeals finding that the legislature cannot just take property from ground rent owners. Of course, the legislation developed because of reporting by The Sun on abuses of the system by some in the past. However, you seem to feel that all current ground rent owners need to be punished because of this. Why is that?

The government has data on who owns the ground rents, except their records are screwed up. My sister and I had a few properties turned over to us by a relative in 1992, and appropriate fees and paperwork were filed with Baltimore City. We received no notice of a need to register. I declare the rent of under $200 per year as income on my state income tax form each year, but no notice was sent to me about my need to "register." My sister moved to California several years ago and had no way to know the state intended to take what her grandparents had purchased years ago.

Suppose you, editorial board of The Sun, had somehow forgotten to register your car with the state, and while you didn't take the car on the road, it sat in your garage. Would the state have a right to take your car or give it to someone else just because you did not fill in some paperwork?

I believe in this case, The Sun is in the dark. Get out and consider what you are saying rather than making a mockery of justice and equity.

Steven Sass, Baltimore

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