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In a primary, voting counts more than ever [Letter]

There is a primary election going on. If citizens find themselves unhappy over county, state and national issues, now is the time to say so. They should not allow themselves to be browbeaten into believing there is nothing they can do about it.

In fact, because of traditionally low voter turnout, a primary election can actually be the best time to pull off significant change. Don't complain if you are going to put the same politicians back in office regardless of their voting record. Don't complain if you vote solely by party affiliation, a "team," slate or union endorsements.

It's far more important to take the time to learn about the candidates and their positions on the issues than to watch mindless TV or spend endless hours on Facebook. It has never been easier to get such information through the Internet.

If after doing your research you feel very strongly in favor of a particular candidate, you can make the most of your vote. For example, if your favored candidate is running for an office where you have the option to select three candidates, only vote for the one you strongly support.

If you feel an unopposed incumbent hasn't done a good job, don't vote in that category. Perhaps the difference in the number of votes cast versus the number of votes received will make him or her think twice about ignoring constituents in the future. While might not change the outcome of an election it can send a message and maybe make you feel just a tad better as well.

Susan Garber, Laurel

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